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Gifts that don't add clutter

Christmas is coming upon us & it's a time for gift giving. I personally love giving gifts that a person would love and wouldn't necessarily buy themselves. To that extent, I wanted to share some ideas of gifts that will not add to anyone's clutter but are still thoughtful.

A Gift of Adventure! How about a gift certificate to ziplining or IfLY (an indoor flying experience). how cool would that be?

Consumables! Make up or buy a basket with someone's favourite beverage or gourmet food for making a special meal. delicious!

Wine/Spirits Well, you can't go wrong with a nice bottle of wine or a bottle of someone's favourite liqueur!

Local Attractions We live in a city that has lots to offer but rarely go to see the sites ourselves! a Toronto Walking Tour or a tour of Casa Loma are cool ideas.

Happy Shopping everyone! From The Next Step Forward

Author: Clare Platt, CEO, The Next Step Forward Inc.