Organizing, Decluttering

Compassionate Help with Organizing,
Decluttering and Creating your New Home



We are expert at helping you declutter any room in your home or your whole house. We will work with you to decide what to dispose/donate/keep. We will take what you are keeping and organize it in your space so that it is a functional, pleasant place to be. You will be amazed at how wonderful you will feel when all is said and done.

Starting at $60.00/hour for one team member*

Estate Clearing

We understand that clearing an estate can be an enormous task. We can help! We will help you get this much loved home ready for sale or for someone to move into. We will help you manage through the items to decide what to keep/donate/dispose and sell as well as hire services necessary to move the process forward. We will do this with integrity, respect and compassion.

Starting at $60.00/hour for one team member*

Move Management

We will project manage your move from start to finish. This is one of our specialties! This includes packing your items, hiring movers, booking elevators, arranging for special pickups, supervising the move and then unpacking the main rooms (bedroom & kitchen) so that all you have to do at the end of the day is walk in and relax!

Starting at $60.00/hour for one team member*


Whether it is packing your home to move to storage or to move to a new home, we will pack all your items with care. We will label all boxes so that you know what room they go in and what is in them. Our goal is to take the guess work out of unpacking and knowing where things are.

Starting at $60.00/hour for one team member*


Whether you are moving back in, or to a brand new space, we will unpack your belongings and put them where they need to go. We will take the guess work out of what goes where and ensure your dishes, clothes and belongings are in a space that is logical and functional.

Starting at $60.00/hour for one team member*


We understand that moving from a large home to a smaller home or condo can be daunting. We will assist with figuring out what furniture, art and decor will fit into your new home to make it cosy and welcoming. You can count on us to be there for support, guidance and to get the job done.

Starting at $60.00/hour for one team member*

Transition Counselling

We understand how traumatic and disconcerting change can be.  Clare, is a certified coaching practitioner and will provide a safe environment for you to discuss your fears and challenges as well as provide you with strategies to cope and manage.  This can be done in your home or in The Next Step Forward offices.
The first 15 minutes of your first session is free.

Starting at $80.00/hour

*Every project at The Next Step Forward is as unique as our clients are. Prices are set at a “starting at” Level in order to accommodate flexibility and customization for every individual situation. Here when you need us.

For every job booked, we make a donation to support at-risk, homeless and trafficked youth at Covenant House Toronto

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