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Family Owned and Operated

Clare Platt

Clare Platt | CEO

Clare has her Masters Certificate in Project Management and is a certified Coaching Practitioner with experience in managing large and small projects. Clare's career has specialized in coaching, mentoring and project management. Clare brings her love of people and organizing to the role - with humour, compassion and a love of puzzles. Commited to figuring out what needs to happen to bring a feeling of coziness and functionality to your space or home.

clare@thenextstepforward.ca 647-963-0131
Corrie McCready

Corrie McCready

Corrie’s compassion & gentle demeanour are a huge asset to The Next Step Forward. She is expert at decluttering and packing and brings a sense of humour and calm to each TNSF project. Corrie majored in English and History in university and has her sights on more Education in the future. A fantastic addition to the team!


Cathy brings a myriad of experience to the table having been a business owner for 25 years. Cathy’s innovative ideas and eye for detail and aesthetic help transform clients Living spaces into functional, beautiful places to be. Her “can do” attitude, dedication and commitment is a major asset for The Next Step Forward.


Katie was sole proprietor of her own cleaning business and continues to make her own “earth friendly” cleaning products. Katie’s fresh perspective and hard work as well as her organizational and decluttering & packing skills continue to keep The Next Step Forward clients satisfied!

...We'll Figure it Out!