Narrow Counter Mat with Window Pocket - 7" x 17"

  • $70.00

This ultra durable mat is perfect for counters, desks, reception areas and even physician exam rooms.  The built-in pocket allows you the flexibility to customize content by changing out inserts tailored to fit your specific need.  Insert a calendar, educational material, or a timely promotion.  Features a clear frost front with rubber back.  

Just like our larger counter mat, this 7 inch by 17 inch self-cleaning mat is perfect for counters, desks, reception areas or even physician's exam rooms. It's especially good for those shallow counters with a glass check-in window. And the built-in pocket can hold a 5.5x11 insert so you can print your own content. Not only is this a self-cleaning surface, but now you can insert a calendar, educational material or your own promotions. You can even customize the content for different locations. Maybe a calendar at the reception counter but hand washing instructions in the patient room. This mat can be washed or wiped off with soap and water or non-abrasive cleaners.