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Decluttering:  Where to Start

Decluttering: Where to Start

Without fail, people tell me they don't know where to start.  Here are the top 5 things to do to get started decluttering.

  1. Start with the front hall closet. More often than not, there are mate-less mitts & gloves as well as hats and scarves from who knows where that can be donated or disposed. Once this is done, tidy up the area and voila! you have started decluttering!
  2. Start on the linen closet. Again, this is an easy place to start. Linen closets often have blankets and towels that have seen better days - good for disposal or donation. Plus, blankets and towels fold nicely and look great once organized.
  3. Underneath the bathroom sink - disposing of bottles & jars with little bits of creams, potions and lotions will lighten that little area. I am a big advocate of donating so, if you have 5 bottles of the exact same thing, donate at least one. Four is plenty for you to have.
  4. Underneath the kitchen sink - again here is an area rich in items that are rarely or not used at all hiding in the back. Remember, cleaning products lose their efficacy after a few years. Anything older than three years should be disposed of responsibly.
  5. Remember the golden rule. If you cannot see it, you aren't using it. You rarely use things you can't see. So, when organizing, make sure you can see everything. They key is to be able to access and see items so they will be used.